production1The production team did not take this tremendous challenge lightly, as we know that millions of people love the book, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.

This amazing story covers deep spiritual truths using incredible imagery. A few examples include the following: the burden of sin on Christian’s back, the wonder at the cross when Christian loses his burden, the beauty of grace unfolding in the parlor of the House of the Interpreter, the path of righteousness that we all must walk, and the glory of heaven and the torment of hell.

A great deal of prayer, hard work, and tears went into the making of this movie. The locations, both interior and exterior, seemed endless. Many characters required special effects makeup and design such as Christian and his burden, the demons, angels, Apollyon, and the Giant Despair.

The story required hundreds of props including: Christian’s helmet, swords,  shields, spears, bows, arrows, the Cross, ropes, the jaw of the donkey, fire, shackles, scrolls, skulls, bones, walking canes, and much, much more.

We used dozens of unique wardrobe for characters such as: Mr. Worldly Wise, Goodwill, Helping Hand, Judge Hate Good, Watchful, the women of the Palace Beautiful, Giant Despair the angels and demons, just to name a few.

production2Then, there were the locations and action sequences that required many computer generated effects such as: Fire from Heaven, Apollyon’s fiery darts, Faithful;s fiery chariot, fiery sword, demonic creatures, lions, the Valley of the Shadow of Death, dragons, fire balls, Doubting Castle, hell and heaven – just to name a few.

The production took over 40 shooting days in hot summer days with a few rain days. We used the best equipment available such as: HD cameras, steadicam, dolly’ss, cranes, smoke machines, generators, lots of lighting gear, reflectors, silk screens, and extensive green screen work. It seemed overwhelming at times, but we could feel God’s helping hand in the production from start to finish.

The goal was to stay as faithful to the book and its gospel message as possible. At this time over 6,000 people have seen the film in test screenings, with over 200 people surrendering their lives to Jesus. It is humbling to know that God is using the film for his glory and it’s just the beginning.

It is my prayer that this movie will help you on your journey to Heaven.


Danny Carralles